Frequently asked questions
How a Creator can participate in a contest?
Only registered users can participate in contests. Create an account and sign in at - Then select a contest you wish to participate in. Read and accept contest rules and click “Join the contest” to go to the contest page. - As soon as you read and understand the requirements and create a work, you can send it using the tab “Upload files” on the contest page. Select relevant work by clicking “Add file” button, add a title, a brief description of your work, information on the elements used, links to elements that were not created by you personally. Then click “Confirm file download.” Read the brief thoroughly, perhaps you will need to make your own research regarding brand, its competitors and products or services.
What should be done if the submitted ideas are similar?
Ideas may be similar or as proposed by the Client.
Who can participate in the project?
Anyone from this industry who strives for creativity.
How and where should I send my project?
All downloads are carried out through the platform, you don't need to write to the client directly.
How can I get more information about the brand?
All necessary information will be available in the brief. You can use any open source information (website, pages in social networks, interviews).
All necessary information will be available in the brief.
You can use any open source information (website, pages in social networks, interviews).
Language used for works?
How should the work be presented?
The format for work presentation is established in the brief.
Do all projects have same deadlines?
No, the deadline can be 1-2 months and can be prolonged
I missed the contest deadline, what should I do?
Write to our support at
Can I get additional work from the Client?
Yes, if the Client has such a need.
Can I get feedback on my work?
Available only for winners.
Who does choose the winner?
Only the Client.
Can I somehow try a product or a service before starting my creative process?
The Client does not undertake to provide the opportunity to use the product or the service. Exceptions are subject to additional agreement.
Can I submit several ideas?
Yes, and each will be evaluated as a separate one.
What is the principle for determining the work cost?
The Client's budget is set based on the company marketing budgets.
Can I have a look at works provided by other participants?
Can I have several accounts, both as the Client and as the Creator?
Yes, you have such an opportunity.
I am the winner, what should I do next?
Pursuant to the terms set in the brief, you will be sent a letter with instructions.
How is payment made after my winning?
The letter will contain all necessary information.
Can I participate if I am under 18?
If such participant is the winner, then his/her parents should act as parties to the agreement.
Как скрыть свою работу?
Если вы не видите работы других участников, это значит что конкурс закрытый и вам показывается только ваша работа. Чтобы проверить, выйдете из своего аккаунта и увидите что ваша работа тоже скрыта.