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Script for Kurazh
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Acceptance of works
11 July 2018
Choosing a winner
31 August 2018 23:59 UTC+2
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11 July 2018
31 August 2018 23:59 UTC+2


The winner is Tetyana Melnikova.


Hi there, Creators!

We haven’t had such an unusual contest yet)) Have you ever tried yourselves as short film script writers, haven't you?

This is a contest for a short film script for Kurazh Bazar. Kievites are most likely aware what it is, but we will explain for the rest of you. A short official quote from  FB page :


“We are Kyiv event with a flea market, food court, DJs, musicians, inclusive kids area and entertainment for everyone. It is easy and fun to do good things with us. Kurazh Bazar is a place where you can be anyone.” 


And we would add for ourselves. Kurazh Bazar is the extra cool team of 10 girls who organize such a charity, educational and entertainment festival every month. So, through this short film to-be they want to tell about who, what and why they are there. To understand the Kurazh spirit look through their  Instagram, watch, for example, the last year's  video By the way, the short film is to be shot by BELOESUHOE.

Entry part is over. And here we go, the technical part. Film duration will be about 20 minutes,  but in this contest the script should be written without going into details, like a story. Volume – up to 10 pages, a storyboard is not required, you may add stock photos or drawings to clarify the idea.

The short film will be divided into 3 parts. The first one, which we nominally name WHO?, will tell about the team, what each of girls is responsible for, what problems they face with, how they make decisions, so to say, behind the scenes. The second one – WHAT? The film will be shot directly at Kurazh, with its extraordinary guests and its own atmosphere, although it is not necessary to link it to the current location on the Platform. The third one – WHY? The big idea of the whole event is to help a wide variety of recipients; this part may contain a story about how the team brings equipment to the hospital or maternity hospital, participates in the organization of inclusive camp for children or a gym for children with disabilities.


So what is the script essence in this contest? It does not necessarily require dialogues or a detailed description of the scenes, but rather the outline. At that you can come up with something to unite the plot technically or stylistically or chronologically, whatever, turn on the imagination to the max! And here's a strange mix of references for you. We will start with our usual question “What if?”

1) Shoot the entire short film on behalf of a child? Many know Hardcore Henry movie, but the idea of shooting from the first-person perspective using GoPro camera was firstly implemented in the budget video clip BadMotherfucker. Thus a technically unusual idea doesn't necessarily mean a big budget. But let's get back to the story through the child's eyes: 




2) Use the same approach, but tell a story on behalf of another character? Pedigree – a film about love shot by dogs




3) Maybe to unleash the story in reverse chronological order as it is done in the cult movie Memento (2000)? Where the first scene shows a child in the rehabilitation center making first steps with the help of the exercise equipment brought by Kurazh. And everything ends, for example, with a scene in the office where girls argue that “It's impossible...”? "How would we manage to do this..."

4) What if you add a cartoon character, like a tiny man singing “Red Bull gives you wings”? And he will be sitting on someone's shoulder and participate in everything, a kind of Kurazh genius. Supposedly, from the point of view of its implementation, this is a more complicated option, but you can add a character to the plot in some other ways. Why not using a costumed character like in Panda Cheese?



5) Or to shoot in the silent movie style or through rose-tinted glasses? We expect for even more strange ideas, if they can be implemented subject to reasonable cost required. So don't offer the meteoritic fall))

And here are some more useful tips from Wikihow – How to find ideas for a short film. Although our situation is slightly different, we already have WHAT to tell, it remains only to decide HOW?



Works and questions – only through our platform, please, as they say at Kurazh “be sweeties”!

 P.S. Who runs Kurazh? Girls!
10 brave girls conduct the largest charity event in Kyiv and work for our common Kurazh!

Alena Gudkova, top banana
She invented Kurazh Bazar and since then has been its creative director and ideological inspirer.

Natali Arzamastseva, team leader
She knows how to set a task, to control 10 creative characters and to gather everyone for a serious conversation.

Anastasia Lepikhova, friend-manager and platform producer
She makes important decisions, knows where to put a sunshade, where to move the sofa and how to communicate with installers, electricians and security guards so that everyone remains satisfied. She knows all locations at the flea market, product assortment of every junk dealer and will help solving any problem in the merchant rows.

Sonia Arkulinskaia, happy-manager
She makes playlists, communicates with musicians, knows fees of all performing artists and organizes activities for the event.

Nastia Rybka, baby-manager
She makes your children feel comfortable, cozy, entertained and keeps it in real disneyland-style.

Katerina Terekhova, tasty-manager
She puts together a small but decent restaurant food court and knows about food more than you can imagine.

Nadezhda Samarina, art director
She understands the beauty of everything: from banner to photo on Facebook. She is responsible for all Kurazh Bazar visuals, not only with her head, but with her heart.

Irina Vygovskaia, SMM Rocket
She writes appealing texts, responds to comments and blurs your eyes on Instagram during the event.

Anastasia Arzamastseva, a decorator.
She creates unthinkable settings, captivates with beauty and knows a lot about correct instaplaces.

Anastasia Kostiuchik, PA top banana, wow-manager
She helps Alena Gudkova with everything, makes a little magic at each event and supervises charity projects. 

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