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advertalist contest
Idea for SOVA jewelry
10000 UAH
The significance of these problems is so obvious
Acceptance of works
25 March 2018
Choosing a winner
10 May 2018 23:59 UTC+2
Acceptance of works from
25 March 2018
10 May 2018 23:59 UTC+2


The winner is Nastia Hornichar.


Here is the new contest for your smart and creative heads from SOVA jewelry house – Ukrainian jewelry trendsetter. Delicate or bold, classic or futuristic jewellery by SOVA have already found their audience of loyal fans. To make them rejoice buying, to make the process comfortable and, moreover, to attract new customers, we need to regulalry improve our merchandising.

Think about what can make SOVA shops or corners even more convenient/attractive/unusual? Thus, this contest goal is to find, describe and visualize new ideas for merchandising.

The following should be considered:

- The store area usually does not exceed 30 sq. m., therefore, massive constructions cannot be offered, some retail outlets are corners;

- expositions are made under collection principle; you can see the collections and understand their ideas on the  http://sovajewels.com/;

- your ideas can be used for window dressing, entrance areas, shop floor decoration, glass branding, etc.

Please, look through the attached examples (pdf file) and start with the question: What if? What if we place decorations on a cardboard castle, or wooden skyscrapers, or put them in display cases along with origami? To work with light, color, textures?

Inspiration can be drawn not only in the jewellery industry, interesting and effective basic ideas, for example, from food retail or toy stores can also be successfully adapted. Just as an example of merchandising variety, here are couple of sources of budget and, on the contrary, luxury options.



The idea or a set of ideas should be described on 3-5 pages in PDF format and supplemented with graphics or illustrations for better understanding.

Attached files: