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5000 UAH
The significance of these problems is so obvious
Acceptance of works
22 March 2018
Choosing a winner
23 May 2018 23:59 UTC+2
Acceptance of works from
22 March 2018
23 May 2018 23:59 UTC+2


The winner is Maksim Nasonov.

Hi there, Creators!

We in Poparada enjoyed working with you, so we decided not to hurry away but to hold another contest! Last summer, as an experiment, we created the superhero character Poparadaman and now we want to bring him back to life

The character can be changed visually, but it should remain essentially a hero like Batman, Superman, Spiderman, Deadpool, or be a combination of these images and characters. He is the defender and the fighter against everything that is creaky, dusty, and rough. He can have any character, but a sense of humor is a must.

So, we offer UAH 5,000 for 5 comics. The winner may be awarded with an agreement to create illustrations with this character on a regular basis.

1) To invent and draw our hero.

 2) To invent and draw 5 mini-comics. Each such comics or sketch should take 1 page and be a short story. Here are examples of such sketches by Tim Urban, Cassandra Calin, Brian Gordon, Katie Kirby (HurrahForGin) and Duran, each of these creators collects thousands of likes and shares due to their humor and observation. We put no specific requirements for the style of illustrations, the main thing for it to be interesting!))

As always, all questions and works are submitted only through the platform.