Видео для Sport Life на Advertalist
advertalist contest
Video for Sport Life
25000 UAH
The significance of these problems is so obvious
Acceptance of works
28 February 2018
Choosing a winner
15 May 2018 23:59 UTC+2
Acceptance of works from
28 February 2018
15 May 2018 23:59 UTC+2


The winner is Artem Turchenko.

Hi there, Creators!

Sport Life fitness clubs chain announces a contest for the best video!

Some technical requirements to start with:
- Duration – up to 1 minute.

- You can use any techniques – stop motion, time lapse, slow motion, etc.

- You can even shoot on a smartphone, if you have the skills of high-quality mobile shooting and editing in video editors.

- If you need music for a scene, then it is advisable to take it from legal free sources under Creative Commons license for commercial use, such as SoundCloud or ccMixter https://soundcloud.com/search/sounds?q=music&filter.license=to_use_commercially.

- If you shoot people close enough so that they can be recognized, keep in mind that you may need their consent to be shot, children need consent from their parents.

- It is not required to shoot inside the club, in general, the brand may be identified by a club signboard or even a billboard.

And now about the creative component. Below are links for getting inspiration and examples. But do not think that it is necessary to do complex editing, use a lot of locations, actors and do underwater shooting))) Watch these videos, feel that spirit of persistance, motivation and overcoming oneself. We would like to stress that Sport Life is really a place where anyone can become the best version of him/herself. Without any pathos, it is really true, as usually the club is located near workplace, home or along the route between the two. And you do not need to wait for temperature rise, purchase of new sneakers or whatever your inventive brain suggests in such cases – just come and work with yourself.

1.Nike - Find your greatness


2.Under Armour - I will what I want


3.Sport England - This Girl Can


4.MuscleBlaze (sports nutrition brand)


5.Non-brand video in Nike style Find your greatness


6.And the last example of a different genre – Gym Wildlife. This format of being a fan or bantering also fits; we love fans of selfies and dating in the gym, what would we do without them)) But if from options available you choose a motivating video without too much pathos, then of course you need to shoot it without primitive humor and vulgarity.


In general, shoot the kind of video that would elicit some pleasant emotions and a desire to share it with friends.
Works for the contest and any questions on the brief are accepted only through this platform. We are looking forward!

P.S. Great news for those who are still trying to shoot and edit – the contest has been prolonged until May 15. The budget was increased from UAH 20,000 to UAH 25,000. The client will announce the winner in a week following the new deadline. Good luck to you all!