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Task Force
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3000 UAH
The significance of these problems is so obvious
Acceptance of works
21 December 2017
Choosing a winner
1 March 2018 23:59 UTC+2
Acceptance of works from
21 December 2017
1 March 2018 23:59 UTC+2


The winner is  Vadim Zaslavskiy

check in

The leading Ukrainian translation agency “Task Force” has already been operating in the market for 6 years, our team includes 360 translators working with 50 languages. Additional information is also available at  https://taskforce.ua.  

Currently we do a lot of website translations. Dear creative specialists, we would like to declare ourselves as the leading company in this area with your help. There is a bunch of nuances to properly translate a websites, as well as significant IT component – for instanse, we help a client to automatically upload and download content to the site, monitor amended content, provide localization services.

So, share any idea, in the form of a video clip, a poster, a picture, a text description, that would help us convey the idea of the site translation importance to the owners of companies and content managers! After all, it is the company's image. Priority channel for this idea communication will be social networks.

We are waiting for ideas in one of the following formats:

- picture.

- a poster.

- video.

- text description.

with examples of incorrect, harmful or funny translation. So that we could oppose “Task Force” to these examples and say “Get your site translated by professionals!”.

 P.s. Due to testing and finalizing the platform functionality, works for the contest are also accepted through: contest@advertalist.com