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21 December 2017
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1 March 2018 23:57 UTC+2
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21 December 2017
1 March 2018 23:57 UTC+2


The winner is Daniil Tkachenko


We are glad to see you among the participants of the contest for the best idea for tasty and healthy snacks Objerky! Our goal is to promote direct sales to consumers through the site  http://objerky.com/Meat. There are no limitations related to format, you can make a viral video on your smartphone, come up with a campaign in social networks, suggest a new communication channel or some kind of game format, etc. – we are open to new and unexpected ideas.

Tips for intellectual creativity:
1. Snack is usually an impulse purchase, the consumer buys it when sees it in the supermarket, at the gas station or in the cinema. Think how to motivate people to make purchases on objerky.com in advance.
2. Salted snacks are often perceived as an addition to beer, but in fact it is a wonderful snack with water even during working hours, and even more useful than cookies.
3. The target audience is much wider than beer consumers, tourists or just active people. Think of gamers, fishermen, office staff, culinary specialists, etc.

If you submit your idea in text format, it will not be enough to just write something like: “A promising format for Objerky is HoReCa, especially catering for company offsites and team building.” This idea should be substantiated; parallels may be drawn with some other working cases, to provide detailed description. 2-3 pages in Word, Powerpoint, Adobe Acrobat formats.

Examples of successful ideas:

- come up with a quest or a flash mob, in which, for example, students or office staff would be willing to participate in large groups;
- offer a loyalty program for direct customers of the website objerky.com, but not just “every 10th pack for free”;
- shoot interesting, funny or useful video with organic coverage.

Examples of bad ideas:

- offer to place advertisement on Facebook for a group of travel enthusiasts
- offer to sponsor a sporting event.
These are obvious options, and you do remember that we are looking for unconventional solutions!

And finally, interesting examples from real business – study and be inspired!

1. A simple video for Doritos snacks (by the way, it became the winner of 2014 crowdsourcing project)  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2JqRXLQYF9o

2. Adidas  https://www.coloribus.com/adsarchive/tv-commercials-online/adidas-nmd-live-21814260/

3. Short examples of simple but effective ideas from this platform https://advertalist.com/ru/blog/detail/15/

Due to testing and finalizing the platform functionality, works for the contest are also accepted through  contest@advertalist.com