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Acceptance of works
21 December 2017
Choosing a winner
1 March 2018 23:59 UTC+2
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21 December 2017
1 March 2018 23:59 UTC+2


The winner is Vitaliy Zhavnerchik

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Hi there, creator-to-be of a viral video for Poparada!


Participate in our contest to make a video, creators of two best videos will get UAH 5,000 each! The plot, naturally, should include bean bags, but their form and history is up to you to decide.

There are no strict limitations on duration, it can be 15 dynamic and funny seconds, or maybe 2 minutes, if all of a sudden you have a talent for a storyteller and can keep the audience. You may use any features – stop motion, slow motion, time lapse, reverse, compilation of short segments like vines or the application 1 sec everyday. You may also draw animations, use vlog format, or just shoot on a smartphone, but, of course, don't forget about the video quality. In general, there are many approaches, the brand is dazzling, cool, high-quality, so there is a large room for creativity.

If you use music, make sure it comes from free sources http://ccmixter.org/https://www.bensound.com/royalty-free-music/2 or other resources using Creative Commons license. If you shoot people, make sure that in case you win you are able to provide the shooting consent signed by them. For children shot in scene you are required to get their parents consent.

Here are some different videos for inspiration and example:

1) Mini sketch with a dog for Ikea


2) Non-growing daddy for BMW


3) Exquisite idea and minimalist implementation for Audi


4) Animation with Simon's cat


5) And finally, video in the spirit of the stand-up for Dollar Shave Club


Our website https://poparada.ua/ 

Works for the contest and any questions on the brief are accepted only through this platform. Looking forward to receiveing your suggestions!
We also offer you to take part in our contest for scripts for a series of video clips.

p.s. Due to testing and finalizing the platform functionality, works for the contest are also accepted through: contest@advertalist.com