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Advertalist – is a platform that connects clients, who need advertising or marketing activities and independent creators, both professionals, working in advertising industry, and amateurs.
If you like concise, simple and expressive advertising, if you think that even a small idea can have big commercial impact, if you believe that good advertising can be created with limited budget, then you are in the right place!
Advantages for Clients
Find fresh ideas on our platform, because talented and unusual people can be found not only in marketing departments and advertising agencies. Besides, many representatives of your target audience can be met among Creators, and they know what exactly motivates them to buy.
Pay for creative work much less, than for advertising agency services. It equals the cost of placement on several billboards or only a couple of billing hours by creative director, so why not give it a try?
Obtain ideas or advertising prototype much faster, than in the usual work flow between client and advertising agency.
Advantages for Creators
Earn the reward by using your right creative brain, even if you are working in completely different industry. We also welcome the Creators, who think they are too young / old / humble / ordinary. As they say – Just do it!
Propose bold and unconventional marketing solution, surprise yourself and your environment.
Get in your portfolio / resume really working marketing or advertising cases.
For Clients
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and define the task. Fill in the brief in details, so that Creators can achieve the needed results easier.


Evaluate and comment on the ideas during the contest, so that Creators can see, if they are moving in the right direction.


Choose the winner, discuss in personal account whether refinement of correction is needed and receive source files.

For detailed info regarding documental and technical aspects of running a contest please refer to FAQ page
For Creators
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and choose the contest to participate in.


Read the brief thoroughly, perhaps you will need to make your own research regarding brand, its competitors and products or services.


Step inside the shoes of Client’s consumers and go on! Don’t forget to evaluate the possibility of practical implementation of your ideas.

For detailed info regarding documental and technical aspects of running a contest please refer to FAQ page